Monday, June 13, 2011

New Digs...

Finally found a perfect place!! 
Its just 2 blocks off the trendy NW 23rd/Nob Hill District in Portland.
I will be posting before and after pics through the process. 
I'm so excited to get painting this weekend!

Here is the first peek...

The building is full of charm and character...

Knock, knock!!

This is the entryway...

The studio has these two lovely bright windows. 
The light filters through two large redwood trees.

Here is the view with your back to the window.
You can see the paint I will be using there on the right.
Its called Classic Silver from Behr. 
The light reflects beautifully off the walls with this color.

A look back to the hall. See how the color changes!
I love it!!!

Now the view to the kitchen. 
I know its really small but its just me. 
I have space to cook and event entertain. 
Can't wait to get this place painted...

A closer look at the kitchen.
I'm going to paint the back inset walls a darker slate color.
Hopefully it will make it look set back and deeper.

Here is a peek of the amount of storage it has.
Not too bad for the size...

One of the big selling renting points was the closet space.
There are 2 of them!!
This is the "Little Closet." It will house the steamer, vacuum, mop, 
and any other little things I will use often.

This is the "Big Closet."
Its massive for the space.
Im going to add extra rails for all my clothes.
Against the wall in the back will be space for storage.

A very basic bathroom with very pink tile.
I'm going to try and tone down the pinkness by carrying the grey theme into the bathroom. I have a gorgeous white shower curtain from Antro that will help!

Nice white sink with storage...         

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

So that is the first peek into the studio.
I have some fun pictures from a trip to Ikea. 
Think I bought everything but a bed!
Guess I need to add bed to the list...

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